8 Other Platforms That Sell NFTs Like Axie Infinity

NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens. You’ve heard it somewhere; you have a decent amount of investment, aka money that you saved for. And you don’t know where to start with your Crypto journey.

With all that in check, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of common NFT and Crypto platforms that you see besides Axie. Don’t worry. Here in Bit Token, it’s grape, and your investment is in the bag! 

8. Veve  

Veve is the official distributor of mainstream NFTs. For example, the first volume of Spider-man they had that up on their website. No matter what Fandom you are in, you’re in for a surprise because they offer a wide array of digital tokens from Marvel, DC, Ghost Busters, Adventure Time, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park.   

Veve is a mobile NFT wallet app, so you can get these on the fly as long as you have mobile data. Most of their NFTs are limited edition, and the nerd community seems to be their primary key demographic here.   

7. Binance  

Binance is everyone’s go-to crypto site. Or – every Filipino’s go-to crypto and NFT platform. Binance is restricted strictly from the USA. To be honest, you can just scratch every country where Binance is Illegal. Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and Thailand? It’s accessible. If you can use VPN to watch your favorite anime in Crunchyroll, you can access Binance. Have fun investing.  

6. PleasrDao  

PleasrDAO is the NFT company responsible for distributing the iconic Doge image as an NFT. They were also associated with online rebels like the punk band Pussy Riot and the tech enigma Edward Snowden. Both Pussy Riot and Edward Snowden have their own separate NFTs for them. Additionally, this company also purchased Martin Shkreli’s copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin NFT for $4 Million. The company added that they promised the possibility of accessibility of the record online. PleasrDAO notoriously gravitates towards the openness of charity and philanthropy work. If you’re an aspiring investor who wants the common man to win, go root for this NFT platform. If you have a high-risk appetite, go purchase something off PleasrDAO and you won’t be disappointed.  

5. Axie Infinity Marketplace  

Axie Infinity came in an odd time in the world of NFTs. The majority of humanity is bored, Tik Tok started to become everyone’s social media, Gacha-mania is happening, and E-game’s stock was drastically increasing. Axie also offers different NFT options that’s why it is listed here. 

With the culmination of these elements launched a social experiment into a multi-million-dollar company in a year. With gaming streamers not stopping their stock in Axie and the continuous surge of new users registering daily, this is a low-risk appetite investor’s wet dream.   

Furtherly, the local networking and finance companies like Globe and Paymaya allow an Axie investment option on their arsenal. Therefore, this is every Filipino’s gateway towards the world of NFT and Crypto Investing.  

4. Solana    

Solana is one of the fastest-rising cryptocurrency companies in the world. The platform rose up to number four in 2021 and at the time of this writing, their net worth had spiked to $64.2 Billion. It would be valid that this new Crypto and NFT platform catered to high-rollers looking to increase their stock in one hot minute. Besides hosting Bitcoin and ETH, Solana has their own Crypto as well. Not only is this the youngest crypto company, but it fits the demographic of hungry, young professionals. But keep in mind that the higher the risk and volatility of this platform, the higher the reward.  

Solana is impressive because they just started in 2020 and rose to the top four Crypto in less than a year. In their first month, they have developed their crypto wallet app ideal if you subscribe to their crypto and other offerings. But, remember, this platform is for high-rollers only so full disclosure. You have been warned.  

3. Rarible  

Remember that viral golden monkey meme a few weeks back? It’s the Ape NFT from Rarible. Rarible is a multi-million NFT platform focused solely on independent artists. Rarible does not just focus on the marketability of art. When you see its homepage, these are filled with ornate art pieces that the artists passionately made independently.   

For Ethereum investors, this would be a fantastic platform for you because Rarible doesn’t have its decentralized crypto. Instead, they have ETH as their default payment method, unlike Binance, which has different cryptos available for trading.  

2. OpenSea  

In the last year, only a few trading sites hit the Billion mark. OpenSea is one of them they’re one of the best NFT wallets out there. Shrimpy.io considers OpenSEa as the eBay of NFTs. The advent of the Metaverse leads towards a new beginning, all in favor of the popular NFT Marketplace. The platform garnered success because of co-collaboration from BoredApe, Axie Infinity, and CryptoPunk. 

What’s more impressive is that this NFT platform is open to independent artists and other major NFT outlets. They largely emphasized the community aspect that NFTs are capable of. It is so immersive and interactive that you can create an account with an image, and you already have an NFT of your own.  

OpenSea has three blockchain endorsements to transact payments via ETH, Polygon, and Klaytn. So with only one single click, you can get secure transactions available worldwide. Another perk of this decentralized platform is that they can compute their marketplace data and statistics transparently. Besides that, they only have 2.5% fees for NFT deals and 10% for eBay deals.  

1. NBA Topshot Marketplace  

NBA Topshot Marketplace might be the most mainstream crypto investment platform there is. It is the continuation of when the NBA trading card craze had swept the world by storm. Looking back, several friends showed their card collections and it curbed an unmeasurable curiosity within my head. NBA Topshot automatically will have the demographic to be a multi-million dealership because their talent is the product and stars like Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan would be an amazing addition to anyone’s plethora of online collectibles. Additionally, the limited-edition and chase factor is also a huge selling point on NBA-themed NFTs. Just look at Lebron James’ NFT, that sold like pancakes to hungry Canadians in an iHop during a winter morning.   

If there’s anything we had wrong, leave us a comment down below. We’d love to know what you think. 

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