NFT: Platform for Artists

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. This basically means that it is unique and cannot be replaced with something else. To simplify it more, In NFT, you buy while in Cryptocurrency, you exchange. 

Crypto Currency’s purpose is to have a digital stock market, now, NFT just expanded the purpose of crypto currencies and not only that, it also gave more opportunity for digital arts. 

Steps to convert digital Art into NFT token:

Pick What Kind of Art To Do

Because NFT can be made out of anything, think about what kind of art you do best? Are they songs? digital art like drawing, calligraphy , anime, pixel art etc.

What Blockchain To Use?

Since there are lots of blockchain today , you have to choose an appropriate blockchain that will issue NFT before you convert your art into NFT. Because each of them has its own NFT marketplace, wallet and standard. 

This means that a particular token can only be used in a certain blockchain and you can only buy and sell in that. 

As of 2021, Ethereum is leading in this field, so might as well use or rather choose Ethereum to issue an NFT. 

Try purchasing small amount first

Almost  all digital art marketplaces have fees that are associated with converting digital art into an NFT. So, to proceed you first have to buy Ethereum for you to be able to proceed. Take note that Ethereum varies per second. 

Connect your digital wallet to the NFT Marketplace 

When you’re done purchasing Ethereum, finding a marketplace to enroll in NFT will be next. As a rookie , it  will be better if you enroll or enlist yourself in Rarible. According to Cryptopedia , Rarible is an “ Ethereum-based platform which facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of ownership rights to digital works of art via non-fungible tokens”. 

It is the best platform because it is easy to navigate and certainly fit for new users. Then after choosing a platform , you now need to choose a coinbase wallet for completion. This will be the medium for transaction 

Creating an NFT Artist Account

Once the wallet is ready, you will now finally convert your digital art into NFT. 

Now, the question is, How ? 

  • First , Register as an artist .
  • Next, you will be ask to connect your E-wallet or Ethereum wallet 
  • Then, you may add digital signature for better security 

After that , you will see My Collection Place where you can upload your digital art with name and description. Upon finishing it , a banner needs to be add.

Creation of NFT 

Actual conversion will start when you click the “add new item button” and this will allow you to upload an art which you may convert into NFT , after that clicking the “create” button will be the final process of the creating your NFT.

Selling the NFT 

You can now finally sell it by simply clicking the “sell” button then a pricing page will appear where you can define the conditions. 

You know what’s more amazing ?

You can even run an auction just like how those big time artists. You can display your works with their description and price .

When you think about it, it was psychologically brilliant! 

When people see that value increase in a short amount of time, people will buy. 

Top performing sales people especially in the financial institution or industry, when you get to listen to their presentation, they show people how money would increase in a specific period of time, the return of investment and its profitability. 

Sustainability is only discussed if being asked about it. . 

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